david hastie
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Transforms: Mario Cristiani, Emanuela Dececco & Roberto Pinto

Eight castles on top of mountains of sand: with the passing of time the wind progressively reduces their dimensions. David Hastie builds his installations around the theme of the historical memory of his homeland, Wales. Each time he creates sets in which historical memory and personal childhood memories are of central importance, intertwining and intermixing with each other. Sets in which toy trains and castles are constructed to altered scale with respect to the original models, and environments and refuges and familiarity and distance preserve the traces of a disappearing world. In Trieste. the Welsh artist presents a reflection on the fragility of the materials of which his works are made, thereby transforming that work into a poetic comment on the transitory nature of earthly power.

The materials which Hastie uses - wooden beams and rippling iron, railroad ties and the lead once used for roofing - are gathered from the rural area around his studio and from industrial waste and all share the common denominator of having had a previous life. His attention is directed to the historical, almost ancient dimension which has left its imprint on the identity of a given territory, but also to the more recent memory of modern industry. Working outside fashion or trend, he looks at the world and the objects within it with an ancient eye and yet, his regard is in no way nostalgic, nor does it express a desire to escape from the present. Instead, his works seem to take form as a sort of collective archetype which does not remain trapped in the purely autobiographical dimension but establishes through its immediacy - a possible basis for dialogue.

Transforms: Mario Cristiani, Emanuela Dececco & Roberto Pinto: CONAI/Assosiazione Arte Continua/Comunicarte: 2001